Hire a Real Estate Administrative Assistant | Real Estate Support

“Ready to level up in property management? Let Hire Service Pros be your game-changer! Our virtual assistants are here to tackle everything, from lease administration to property research. Your success story starts with us!”.

At Hire Service Pros, we understand the unique demands of the CRE industry and offer a suite of cutting-edge virtual assistant solutions to streamline your operations. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped to handle diverse tasks, from property research and market analysis to lease administration and client communication. We seamlessly integrate into your workflow, providing the support you need to focus on what matters most – growing your real estate portfolio and maximizing returns.

Listing Management

Managing and updating property listings on various platforms, including websites and databases.

Financial Analysis

Assisting in financial analysis, including evaluating potential investment opportunities, preparing financial reports, and analyzing market trends.

Client Communication

Managing communication with clients, tenants, and other stakeholders, including responding to inquiries and providing updates.

Marketing & Advertising

Developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote commercial properties, including online and offline channels.

Our Process

Streamline your operations effortlessly with our two-step process.


Schedule a personalized consultation with our experts to discuss your unique needs and objectives.


Once we understand your goals, our skilled virtual assistants are deployed to handle tasks such as market research, data analysis, and administrative support.

Empower Your Business with a Real Estate Assistant

Employing a real estate virtual assistant can significantly enhance your business operations. Here are perks that make them invaluable assets to your team:
Data Management Expertise
Marketing Support
24/7 Availability
Real estate transactions generate vast amounts of data. A virtual assistant excels in organizing and managing this data, ensuring accuracy and accessibility. This proficiency contributes to informed decision-making and streamlined business processes.
Virtual assistants play a pivotal role in executing marketing strategies. From social media management to content creation and online presence optimization, they contribute to elevating a real estate professional’s brand and attracting a wider audience.
Virtual assistants transcend time zones, ensuring round-the-clock availability. This accessibility facilitates seamless communication with clients, potential buyers, and other stakeholders, thereby enhancing customer service and satisfaction.

Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Respond to live chat queries on your website and reply to email queries using preset templates
  • Customer follow-ups. Keep the leads in the pipeline by maintaining a regular touch-base
  • Generate leads through different portals for Real Estate business
  • Posting and updating the web-based media handles with property photographs with details
  • Managing your social media presence (create and post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and local realtor forums)
  • Manage your appointments and schedule, and reconfirm all appointments that are booked.
  • Creating reports and maintaining a customer database
  • Maintaining filing systems
  • Preparing documents and forms
  • Drafting correspondence, planning meetings, and arranging trips